NSW, Australia
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About Master Shaper Ryan Chelman - Black Square Surfboards

Ryan was born into a surfing family. His first memories as a child are the inside of his parent’s surf shop. The smell of the Indian essential oils, and the lime green ‘hang ten’ surf mat hanging on the wall. The next memory is waiting on the sand for his dad to return from the surf to take him out in the waves. From this it might’ve been obvious that Ryan was going to end up strongly involved in the surf community.

Fast forward 20 years, Ryan is beginning to experiment with riding different styles of boards and formulate ideas for how to improve on their performance. his curiosity expanded and ultimately led to shaping his own boards from scratch.

Shaping then quickly went from a part time hobby to a full blown obsession, and Ryan decided to down tools as cabinetmaker to pursue his passion for surfing and surfboards.

Over the next several years, while working out of his backyard shed, Ryan expanded his range of board designs through trial and error, and constant experimentation. Testing each new design himself, and accepting feedback from his growing number of customers, gave him a broad knowledge base over all styles of surfboard.

After a long coffee chat with his now Wife, who was over being a teacher and had passion for the surfboard industry and respect for Ryan’s skills, we made plans to look at a factory and tip our whole world as we new it upside down.

Black Square Surfboards is still growing and evolving.