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Testimonials for Black Square Custom Surfboards

Tom Howard

I've been working with Ryan for the last 12 months refining and testing a variety of boards, together we work and experiment well with all aspects of surfboard design trying to find what works best in all conditions.

Successfully I've had some of my best boards to date and refined some really good boards to suit a wide variety of waves. With the goal just be able to have as much fun in the water as possible.

Ryan's a legend to work with and an awesome shaper I'm stoked to be able to work so closely with someone so knowledgeable and experimental towards surfboard shaping, as well as the supporting local shapers.

Photo: Tom Howard


The Bells Family

We highly recommend Black Square Surfboards. Our whole family surf Black Square Surfboards and we could not be happier!

Waz and Ryan have been fine tuning shapes for the whole families individual needs for over 10 years. Thanks guys we look forward to our future boards!

Photo: The Bells Family surfing in Sumatra with a local boy

bells family

Damian King

I’ve been getting Ryan to shape my boards for the past 2 years, I used to go through a lot of boards and get him to stick them back together then one day he said “ try one of mine’. Since then I haven’t got off them, Chello's attention to detail is awesome, and i'm a pretty average surfer so getting every little edge you can makes a big difference to the average surfer game.

I have also found that I break a lot less of his boards! I used to go through a lot of boards, but now I don’t and the weight has still stayed the same.

If you haven’t tried a Black Square do yourself a favour and get one, you wont be disappointed.

Photos: Kingy in action in Tahiti


Birdrock Memorial Surf Classic

The Birdrock Memorial Surf Classic team has developed a strong relationship with Ryan and Kristy at Black Square Surfboards. They are a critical part of our team that bring us quality with no fuss, and that personal connection through their product.

It goes without saying they are an integral part of the Birdrock Family and our values, with product that not only has the wow factor but shows the true feelings of who we are and our Surfing Memories. A real tribute to those on the memorial.

Thank you Black Square for your support through the years and your commitment for our future.

Geoff Branch - representative for the Birdrock Steering Group


bird rockjpg

Mid North Coast Girls Surfriders

Mid North Coast Girls Surfriders have developed a great partnership with Black Square Surfboards.

Ryan's experience and expertise in making custom boards for our members has contributed to our surfer girls competitive ability and competition successes in the sport of surfing!

Robyn Wallace
President MNCGS

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